• What is a course?

    The Educational content in Goldfish School is prepared in different levels and categories. Each Course in Goldfish presents a series of exercises with the specific same thematic topics, and grammatical objectives and particular language skill goal. The Alphabet Course, for example, aims at teaching English alphabet and consists of a series of exercises. Each course has a different subject.

  • Select a course

    You can find a list of courses with a short description of each course in the Courses page. In this page, you can select a new course or continue practicing your current course(s).

  • Placement Test

    Before you can start a course, you need to take a short placement test in order for the system to determine your level. Subsequently, this will help the system place you exactly where you should start.

  • Levels

    The difficulty level of the content and exercises in a course develop as the level goes up. Level one is always easier than level two, for example.