• Question: True False

    In these types of questions, you are required to select the correct answer from among the options given. These questions usually come with an image or audio.

  • Question: Single Image Choice

    Read carefully, listen to the sound (if available) and then choose the correct picture. The caption under the pictures can help you a lot.

  • Question: Unscramble

    Look at the letters/words, listen to the audio (if available), and sort them in the correct order. Click on the letters/ words to move them to the top row or move them back to the bottom row.

  • Question: Fill In Blank

    In these questions, you're asked to type the answer in the box. Before doing so, read the instructions carefully and listen to the audiPlease note that writing in small or capital letter doesn't affect your answer.

  • Question: Drop Down

    Click on the box to open a list of options and select the correct one.

  • Question: Plain Text

    In these questions, you should type the correct answer based on the picture or the audio (or both). Press 'Hint' button for help.

  • Question: Select The Correct Part(s)

    The boldface words inside the sentence are options. You should choose one or more correct answers.

  • Question: Multiple Choice

    Like many other questions, you should choose the correct answer. the only difference is that the number of the correct answers is more than one.

  • Memorize And Answer

    When your answer to a grammar question is wrong, see the “Answer” part for a brief explanation of why your answer is wrong. You can also see a complete review of the related grammar in the “Memorize” part.

  • Text & Audio before some packages

    In some packages, before starting the exercises, a short text plus an audio file is presented to you. Once you’ve read the text and listened to the audio, you’ll answer some questions accordingly.

  • Package result

    Once you've finished a package of questions which includes 9 -14 questions, you can see the result. The stars shows your result in that specific package. The number inside the circle shows your total experience level and the blue circle around it shows your progress in current experience level.

  • Package review

    Finished packages are always available for review if you'd like to see your answers and read the explanations.
    You can also re-do a package by clicking on the reset button.