• Goldfish Online Language School and Virtual Classrooms

    Goldfish is an online language school that provides a powerful learning and teaching tools. People may start learning English and French almost anywhere and anytime, for example, at the convenience of their home. Goldfish courses are based on Canadian curriculum and they are designed to follow the internationally recognized levels.

  • Future with Goldfish language school

    Goldfish school will let students step away from books and traditional learning approaches and experience a more up to-date and fun way of learning.

  • Virtual Classrooms: Tools for teachers

    Goldfish school has prepared a platform for teachers called “Virtual Classrooms”. These classrooms, which can be created and managed online through Goldfish School website, let teachers divide their students into different groups, assigning them courses to do in line with the material they have been learning in their actual classroom.

  • Virtual Classrooms: Tools for Schools

    Goldfish courses combined with Virtual classrooms provides the teacher with (1) extensive and complete teaching material based on Canadian curriculum (2) possibility of creating any number of virtual classrooms and assigning students to these virtual classrooms based on their knowledge and level.

  • What makes Goldfish School unique?

    • Full time access to the system and the courses
    • Up to-date educational sources
    • Fun exercises and a non-textbook approach
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Complete control over time and resources
    • Unlimited access to all courses